Thursday, October 30, 2014


Since we were little girls, handbags have always been a part of our lives.  We can remember playing dress up in our mom’s closet and always reaching for the purse, shoes and accessories to finish off the outfit.  It’s something about the infamous “handbag” that just transforms a look and adds that final stamp of approval.  Plus, where else are we going to throw all of life’s essentials that us girls need on a daily basis?   As we grew up our taste in handbags most definitely aged with us and we are excited to share our styles and go-to handbag items with you.  After spending some time reading over Rue LaLa’s Handbag Style Guide we were able to categorize our exact styles, learn some amazing handbag care tips and discover the history of handbags and how they became a girl’s best friend (next to diamonds of course).   

In absolute love with my Celine Classic Box leather python shoulder bag.  This super chic it bag is classic and timeless with the elegant one strap and simple clasp closure.  With limited space in this bag, only a few key fall essentials are coming with me.  The Naked 2 pallet is one of my absolute  favs featuring an array of warm shades perfect for a day or night look.  I keep this pallet close to me  when I'm out and about for a quick refresh throughout the day.  Nail polish.... I know this may seem a little strange, but I always have my current shade in my purse in case my polish chips haphazardly or I just want to apply a fresh coat randomly :-) Sunglasses are a go-to for  me! Always ,and I mean Always in my possession.  From season to season they live by my side! -Kay Lynn

What's In Kay's Bag Details      
Eyeshadow - Naked2 by Urban Decay, Ulta
Sunglasses- Kate Spade, Sunglass Hut
Nail Polish- OPI Light My Sapphire

Candy Apple Red!!! Yes Mam! So this Ralph Lauren satchel bag was my Summer must have item and I absolutely fell in love at first site.  Who wouldn't? This style is so practical and I love the way Rue LaLa confirms that this kind of bag can be found in every style lovers repertoire;  I would most definitely agree. -Cari Rene
Inside you will find some of my go to pieces that I carry around inside my newest crush of a handbag.

What's In Cari's Bag Details      
Phone - Apple iPhone 5
Non-Prescription Glasses- Icing
Nail Polish- OPI Red Hot Ayers Rock
Key- Kay's Audi Q7 (I just wanted to drive it!!)
Camera- Cannon Power Shoot 
Notebook- I'll Leave My Heart In Paris Journal
Styling Brush- Ulta

Whether dressing up or down, this bag is a must when I want to keep my look clean and simple. I grabbed this Gucci handbag during a quick trip down to Miami a few years ago and it has been one of my closet favs ever since.  The hobo style, Queen of the shoulder bags, put so eloquently by Rue LaLa is great for those pick up and go kind of days.  A pretty bag calls for even prettier things inside so fortunately, this pastel color combo is always in style. -Cari Rene      

What's In Cari's Bag Details      
Perfume - BCBG Maxazria
Lotion- BCBG Maxazria
Sunglasses- Dior, Bloomingdales
Nail Polish- Lucky Lucky Lavender
Eyelash Curler- Sephora
Eyebrow Compact- Benefit Cosmetics, Sephora
Face Moisturizer- Naked, Ulta

So what's your favorite style of bag and must have items?  Visit Rue Lala and check out their Handbag Guide and leave your comments below. 

Saturday, October 25, 2014


I finally had some time this morning to pick out some of my favorite pictures from the shoot I did the other day. One of my close friends and her oh so cute yorkie tagged along for my quick shoot and what kind of auntie would I be to not include little "Egypt" in my pics. Keeping my look simple as always, I simply paired a leather mini with a classic long sleeve shirt and threw on a vintage wool blazer over the shoulder, and of course my favorite accessory, Egypt. 
Skirt- H&M, Tee Shirt- Forever 21, Jacket- Vintage, Shoes- Fendi, Handbag- Gucci